One solution to the non-eco friendly habit of leaving tents behind after a festival, is to bring none with you!

Below are three Glamping options, starting from €49

As with all our tickets, there are no handling fees or hidden charges.

Kartent €49

Suitable for two!

The KarTent has enough space to accommodate two people, including your festival gear!

100% Upcyclable!

The KarTent is easy to recycle, and is an excellent eco-friendly solution to festival camping

Dark and Fresh! The cardboard material blocks the sunlight, which keeps your tent dark and cool in the morning!

Bell Tent €400

Traditional spacious 2-4 person 4m bell tent with a 6ft door height.

Festihut €600

These cosy and secure wooden units are popular accommodation come with four beds (two bunk beds), complete with mattresses. The height of luxury camping.